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DR NEU: HOUSEHOLD INNOVATION – The simple and sustainable solution for cleaning and hygiene of the bathroom

Also this year Archimedes R & D has been selected by the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna to take part in Sana from 9th to 12th of September 2016.

Sana has become the most important international event for organic and natural sector. It is a special occasion for our company to launch new innovative and eco-friendly products.

This year our research has lead us to the development of a new type of Dr. Neu product , dedicated to cleaning and hygiene of the bathroom.

First on the market Dr Neu Bathroom Kit will be presented at Sana as an absolute novelty on the market.

Global placing on the market will follow at PLMA 2016 – Chicago (USA) on November 2016.

The new Dr. Neu Bathroom Kit is dedicated to the supporters of our philosophy about sustainable development: It is composed by two unique products on the market, CLEANBALLS and B-GENT.

CLEANBALLS are a small nylon spheres, contained in a permeable sachet to be inserted directly inside the toilet cassette. The special enzyme present on the spheres acts naturally in the water reducing its hardness, without releasing harmful chemicals to the environment. It prevents the formation of limescale and the annoying stains on the toilet walls, keeping fully efficient the flush system and cleaning the wc. CLEANBALLS allows significantly the reduction of the frequency of anti-limescale treatments with aggressive acids.

B-GENT has been created for the complete cleaning of the bathroom. It is an innovative concentrated formula, designed for the cleaning and descaling of all bathroom surfaces, even the most valuable like marble and granite, the crystal of the shower box, etc. Thanks to the combined action of a special enzyme and a vegetal-derived surfactant, it performs two actions in a one, easily removing limescale, dirt and soap residues. The product is classified not dangerous to the health and the environment.

B-GENT, concentrated formula packaged in small size, it also saves water and reduces plastic waste.

During Sana, we will be pleased to explain to our visitors the features and the benefits of our Dr. Neu Bathroom Kit.

We will be at Hall 29, stand Archimedes R & D n. C20 (Area Chamber of Commerce of Bologna).

It will also be available on the stand the complete line of products Dr. Neu dedicated to the care and maintenance of household appliances, such a SOFTBALLS, the anti-limescale spheres for coffee machines, presented as a novelty at Sana 2015, and have enjoyed great success and interest not only in Italy but also internationally, presented at the PLMA trade show in Chicago in 2015 and ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam in 2016.

See you at Sana !!!

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