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Two innovation are coming in Dr.Neu products

The new edition of the PLMA in Amsterdam is about to start on May 21-22 at the RAI Exhibition Center, and we at Archimede R&D will be present to launch a couple of Dr.Neu innovations on the market.

Those who have been following us for a few years now, are fully aware that Dr.Neu’s cleaning product line is a bit different from the others. It is born directly from our patents and it is developed for various applications in domestic use. Dr.Neu’s products tries to create a union between innovation, effectiveness, time and cost savings and respect for the environment.

The main features of Dr.Neu products is “our” anti-limestone enzyme, developed by Archimede R&D research. Thanks to its properties and versatility, makes Dr.Neu products unique.

Also this time, we enclose all the values that characterize Dr.Neu brand: INNOVATION, EFFICIENCY WITH SMALL DOSES, QUALITY OF RAW MATERIALS, SAVINGS.

Here is a brief preview of the two new products that will be on sale in the coming weeks.


Obviously it is not a common ecological dish soap.

What is different about Dr.Neu from others?

First of all the formula, which contains over 99% of ingredients derived from renewable sources, making it extremely eco-friendly.

The anti-limescale action of the enzyme, reducing the hardness of the water, enhance cleaning action of a special surfactant derived from renewable sources. The renewable source are waste from agriculture, in particular from wheat and from sugar beet, based on a biorefining process.

It is not the only innovation. A special dispenser transforms a very small quantity of liquid into a voluminous foam formed by many micro bubbles that capture dirt and eliminate it quickly.

The purpose of this product is to use only the effective quantity, without unnecessary waste. It cleans quickly, thoroughly removing grease and dirt, without creating a lot of foam during rubbing. It allows a quick rinse and greatly reducing both water consumption and environmental impact.


We have created a unique product for the daily cleaning and hygiene of the dishwasher able to reduce consumption and environmental impact to a minimum.

With a simple application, it performs 3 actions at the same time: it dissolves limescale, eliminates greases and removes unpleasant odors.

Differently to the traditional dishwasher cleaners, Dr.Neu has been designed in a new spray version to be applied inside the dishwasher, in the areas most affected by limestone and dirt, such as the walls, the bottom, the filter, etc. 


It can be also applied with dirty dishes inserted, leaving it to work for a couple of hours, and then proceeding with the normal washing cycle with detergent.

This innovative usage avoid the waste of water and energy for cleaning and maintenance of the dishwasher. Dr.Neu action takes place during the usual washing of the dishes.

If we have catch your curiosity and interest and you are unable to come to Amsterdam for the presentation of the two Dr.Neu products, follow us on our website. We will give you more information on their use and where to find them on the market.

We will wait you!


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