Detergent Enzymatic Descaler

Is there a limescale remover to use also on marble?

The answer is yes, and his name is Detergent and Enzymatic Descaler Dr.Neu.

Limestone surfaces, such as marble, can be damaged by contact with acidic substances such as vinegar, lemon and traditional anti-limescale products.

Dr.Neu, has created a new anti-limescale detergent that can be used on all type of surfaces, even the most valuables and delicate such as MARBLE.

This is possible since it is not acidic, and combines the decalcifying action of a bio-catalytic enzyme with the cleaning power of a surfactant of natural origin.

The descaling action is carried out by a special enzyme that removes limescale in a natural way without affecting the surfaces, while the particular natural derived surfactant, thoroughly cleans, removing dirt and leaving a pleasant fragrance.

With Detergent and Enzymatic Descaler Dr.Neu it is possible to clean and descale all the washable surfaces of the house in a single pass: hobs, both in steel and in ceramic hob, kitchen tops, taps, shower box, toilet, tiles, mosaics , etc.

It is ideal for home cleaning, like a kitchen and bathroom, where there are different types of surfaces, and that usually need to be treated with more specific products.

With Dr.Neu you just spray a small quantity of product on the surface to be treated, wait a few seconds and well rinse with a sponge or a damp cloth.

The Detergent and Enzymatic Descaler Dr.Neu is a performing product that guarantees excellent results in a short time and with minimum effort.


From now the product is available also on U.S.A. market.

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7 February 2018Categories: News