Linea Prodotti Dr.Neu

Why choose our products?

Sustainability and eco-compatibility are the basic principles of Dr.Neu products, dedicated to the care and maintenance of household appliances and cleaning.

Dr.Neu, combines efficiency and technological innovation, reliability and security for the health, with a reduced environmental impact.

Dr.Neu ANTI LIMESCALE exploits the action of a special biocatalyst, capable to eliminate limescale through a completely natural process. This avoids the use of traditional and aggressive acids.

Dr.Neu DETERGENTS use the cleaning power of natural derived surfactants, completely biodegradable.

With Dr.Neu you get excellent results with a small quantity of product, preventing the unnecessary wastage of products in cleaning activities.

In addition, the small size of packaging, made up of recyclable materials, reduces the environmental impact both in production and distribution.

Some Dr.Neu products are patented, such as Softballs, the long-lasting anti-limescale spheres to soften water in the coffee machines, and Prevents and control ovodeposition by mosquito, the single-dose vials for the biological control of mosquitoes.


Dr.Neu products comply with current national and European regulations:

Regulation EC 1907/2006 (REACh), Regulation CE 1272/2008 (CLP), Directive EC 1999/45, Regulation 648/2004.