Anticalcare dual use per lavatrice

PLMA has chosen Dr.Neu for the New Product Expo 2018 in Amsterdam

The annual PLMA meeting in Amsterdam, the international fair dedicated to the world of private label, is coming.

For the third consecutive year the PLMA staff chose a Dr.Neu product for the New Product Expo, the exhibition dedicated to innovative products offered by companies, located within the Idea Supermarket area.

After Softballs, Cleanballs and B-Gent, this year we will exhibit our Dual Use Descaler vials for Washing Machines.
The innovation of this product concerns in particular the special formula, which exploits the natural action of a biocatalyst to eliminate limescale without the use of traditional acid substances.
What makes it a unique product, however, is the possibility of using it as a softener, preventing the limescale deposits on the fabrics, keeping them soft.

It is an eco-sustainable product, dedicated to the demanding consumer, but with an eye to the environment and to health.
A safe and effective product for daily care and maintenance of the washing machine and more.
In fact, it does not contain surfactants or allergens, and it does not leave residues on the tissues that can cause skin irritations.

Particular attention has also been given to the packaging, which characterizes the whole of the Dr.Neu anti-limescale line in single-dose vials, distinguishing itself for the elegant tones of vintage, made engaging and modern by the mixture of graphic design and image.

We remind you that the Dr.Neu anti-limescale line in single-dose vials also includes Descaler and Water Softener for Steam Iron and Descaler for Coffee Machines and Kettles.
They are made with quality raw materials, obtained from renewable and completely biodegradable sources. They are packaged in convenient 10 ml single-dose vials, to reduce unnecessary space and waste of product.

We look forward to seeing you at PLMA in Amsterdam on May 29th and 30th!

RAI Exhibition Centre, Holland Complex, Hall 12, Stand N-539

9 May 2018Categories: Domestic ecology lessons News