Water Softener For Liquid Feeding Of Plants

Dr. Neu water softener for liquid feeding of plants is an innovative product which, added to normal tap water, can reduce the level of water hardness.

Was created because most plants and flowers are sensitive to the excessive presence of limestone in the water used for liquid feedings. The limescale in tap water reduces the availability of many nutrients that are useful for plants. In order to prevent and avoid unnecessary inconvenience, it is good practice to irrigate and spray the leaves with water containing a low content of carbonates.

Its formula contains a non-toxic active ingredient acting with the utmost respect and the environment. Dr. Neu water softener is suitable for any water hardness.

Dilute the contents of a vial into 2 liters of water. The product acts just after 5 minutes. In case of hard water let it work for several hours.
The product can be used to decalcify jars and plastic containers. In this case you should soak for few hours in a solution of 5 liters of water and the contents of 2 vials. When the descaling operation is finished, it is not necessary to rinse your items under running water.

Dr. Neu is packaged in easy to handle vials: this will prevent any excessive use and any contact with skin during the use.