Prevent ovodeposition

Dr. Neu ovodeposition is the first product to be effective against ovodeposition by different insect species, as mosquito, in water system or high humidity sites.

The patented technology and the special active ingredient contained transform the substance presents in the stain water in bubbling. This bubbling produces a continuous mechanical movement on the water surface preventing and reducing lay down eggs by mosquito.
The product is formulated with substance not classified as dangerous for human and environment (according to nowadays rules).
Its technology and its formulation allow the product to be used in all sites where mosquito can lay down eggs.
Due to its mechanism of action, dr. Neu against ovodeposition by mosquitoes does not show any toxicity to non-target organisms

The product is ready to use and it can be used according to the below dosage. It’s enough to shake well the unidose vial before use.
We suggest to treat stain water well when it does not rains. In case of rain, repeat the treatment.
Treat the water every 7/14 days in normal weather condition.