Dr.Neu Dual use descaler for washing machine

Dual Use Descaler for Washing Machine

The new innovative formula has been designed for care and maintenance of the washing machine and more! The special formula allows the product to be used also as a softener, to protect fabrics from limescale and keep them soft.

Dr.Neu Anticalcare Dual Use for washing machine is an ECO-SUSTAINABLE product.

The new concentrated formula is designed for dual use.

As DESCALER, added to the detergent to each wash, eliminates and prevents limescale deposits. It keeps the washing machine in perfect efficiency, and avoid the excessive use of detergent and other superfluous additives.

As a SOFTENER, added in the appropriate drawer, protects the clothes and keeps them soft without any residues on the fabrics during rinsing.

It is suitable for all types of washing and all types of detergent, liquid, powder or single dose.
It leaves no residue on garments and it is safe for the skin as it does not contains surfactants and allergens.

Descaler –  Take 1 vial of 10 ml, shake it and pour the contents into the drawer together with the detergent.

Softener – Take 1 vial of 10 ml, shake it and pour the contents into the softener drawer. In this way the product will enter in action only during the rinsing phase, eliminating the limescale present in the water and keeping the garments soft.