Trio coffee kit Dr.Neu

Trio Coffee Kit Dr.Neu on the USA Market

Finally Trio Coffee Kit Dr.Neu comes on the USA market.

This set is the only product on the market that has all the tools to clean a coffee machine with a water tank (capsules and regular).

Made in Italy, it cleans the machine and prolongs it’s life making the coffee taste better.

Softballs - Sfere anticalcare macchina caffè

Softballs –  This innovative, long-lasting system to soften water prevents the formation of limescale in all coffee machines with a water tank. Thanks to the natural action of our bio-catalyzer (patented) it reduces the hardness of the water without altering the content of calcium and magnesium important for our health. It also helps to maintain the efficiency of the machine, making it last longer and helping the correct supply of the water. This ensures the maximum intensity of the aroma and the creaminess. How to use:it is sufficient to insert one sachet inside the water tank and fill it with a fresh water. The spheres will carry out its action until exhaustion. It is recommended to replace the sachet every three months.

Oxigent - Detergente ossigeno attivoOxigent –  This is a detergent with an active oxygen basis. The efficacy of active oxygen allows the removal of grease and coffee residues, which gradually form in the nozzles and in the filters, and which can affect the quality of the espresso. How to use: dissolve all the powder from the packet in the water tank then carry out a rinsing cycle with water. It should be used once every three months.


Decalk – The main ingredient of the product is lactic acid, which has well-known decontaminating features. It is also a very good de-scaler , which, if used at regular intervals, allows the complete removal of residues of dirt which accumulate in the heater and in the system of the coffee machine. How to use:Pour the contents of the container into the water tank, add water until it reaches the maximum level, dispense approximately ¼ of the solution, leave for 7-10 minutes and complete the dispense until the tank has been emptied. Then carry out a cycle with water for rinsing. It should be used once every six months.

Trio coffee Kit Dr.Neu is available on Amazon Prime US

19 October 2017Categories: News