UNIVERSE – Multi-purpose Enzymatic Descaler 500 ML

Universe is the new Dr.Neu Multipurpose Enzymatic Descaler for the care and maintenance of your household appliances and more. It can be used for all appliances that use water for operation: coffee machines, kettles, irons, washing machines, dishwashers, and can also be used to demineralize water for ironing and to descale toilet cassettes, etc.

Universe Dr.Neu has been designed to facilitate the daily care and maintenance of household appliances and more. The enzymatic formula that characterizes the Dr.Neu descaling line in vials has been revised and enhanced so that it can be applied to all household appliances using differentiated dosages. In practice, a single product for many uses, in favor of a considerable saving of plastic and space.
The versatility of the formula and its natural function allow for alternative uses such as the demineralization of water for ironing, and the cleaning of the toilet cistern.
With just 10 ml you can soften 2 liters of tap water to be used for ironing, protecting the fabrics and the appliance from limescale.

The regular use of Universe Dr.Neu allows you to solve the problems caused by the limescale that settles inside the appliances, improving their performance and energy consumption.

The included dosing cap allows you to use the quantity needed for each specific use, safely and without waste.

COFFEE MACHINE and KETTLE: Pour 80/120 ml into the tank / kettle according to the limescale present. Fill with water. Dispense the solution for a few seconds. Leave on for 20 minutes. Carry out 2 rinse cycles with fresh water. In case of stubborn limescale, increase the action times.

IRON: Pour 10 ml into the tank / boiler. Fill with water. Operate the steam for a few seconds to let the descaling solution circulate. Wait about 30 minutes. Operate the steam until the water runs out. Fill the tank with fresh water and turn on the steam until it runs out. Before proceeding with ironing, make sure that the dirt has flowed out completely, using the iron on an old fabric. This is to prevent any residual dirt from staining the garments.

WATER DEMINERALIZER: Pour 10 ml into 2 L of tap water. Leave on for at least 10 minutes before using it for ironing. In the case of very hard water, lengthen the action time to increase the effectiveness of the product.

WASHING MACHINE / DISHWASHER: to remove limescale from the washing machine and dishwasher, it is necessary to pour 250 ml into the compartment and start an empty washing cycle.

TOILET CISTERN: pour 120/250 ml into the WC cistern according to the limescale present. Leave to act for at least 30 min.

We recommend using Universe Dr.Neu every 3/4 months or more frequently in case of a lot of limescale.

NOTE: For descaling of household appliances, refer to the instructions in the user manual.