Softballs DeLonghi

SOFTBALLS De’Longhi – Water softener system for coffee machines

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our SOFTBALLS product has been chosen by the DE'LONGHI company to be part of their range of accessories for coffee machines. Starting from this year, SOFTBALLS is produced and distributed exclusively for the De'Longhi brand. You can buy it directly on Amazon by clicking on the button below. For more information you can contact us through our website. Thank you for choosing Softballs, we hope you continue to do so.

With SOFTBALLS the coffee tastes better!

It is an innovative patented device for water softening and the prevention of limescale deposits in all coffee machines equipped with a tank.

SOFTBALLS is a unique product of its kind and is 100% Eco-Friendly. Thanks to the natural action of a biocatalyst present on the spheres, SOFTBALLS reduces the hardness of water without altering its calcium and magnesium content, which are important for health.
It also helps keep the machine efficient by extending its life and promoting proper water supply.
The result will be the maximum enhancement of the aroma and creaminess of the coffee.

It is suitable for all types of coffee machines equipped with tank, manual and automatic, with pods and capsules.

It is compatible with traditional resin and activated carbon filters.
It does not release chemicals.

SOFTBALLS 1 is very easy to use, just insert the sachet containing the spheres inside the water tank, and remove it when its action is over.

We recommend to replace Softballs 1 every 3 months.