enzymatic foam dish soap dr.neu

Enzymatic Foam Dish Soap

Dr.Neu Enzymatic Foam Dish Soap, is an ultra concentrated formula, with a high degreasing and cleaning power, to be used directly on the sponge. It is an eco-compatible product, composed of over 99% of ingredients of natural origin, derived from renewable sources. The particular dispenser transforms very small doses of liquid into a voluminous and stable foam, for a deep and fast cleaning, with a reduced environmental impact.

It is an ultra concentrated dish soap in foam, with a high degreasing and cleaning power, designed to have a high level of eco-compatibility.

The particular surfactant derives from renewable sources. It is obtained from agricultural residues, in particular from wheat and sugar beet, based on a bio-refining process.

The innovative formula is enriched by the special enzyme, developed by Dr.Neu research, that reduces water hardness by enhancing the surfactants detergent action.

The bottle is equipped with a special dispenser that transforms small doses of liquid (0.8 g) into a voluminous and stable foam, formed by a multitude of micro bubbles that catch dirt and eliminate it quickly.

The high concentration of active substances, together with the special foam dispensing system, make it possible to minimize product and water consumption.

A 500 ml bottle allows you to make over 400 washes.



Dispense directly on the wet sponge. 
Rub until the dirt is completely removed.