dr.Neu Detergente Anticalcare enzimatico_flacone_blu

Detergent and Enzymatic Descaler for exclusive surfaces

New professional product branded Dr.Neu designed to clean and descale all types of surface. The innovative formula, based on a particular enzyme and a natural derived surfactant, allows to clean and descale effectively without the use of aggressive acids. It is suitable also on valuable and exclusive surfaces such as marble, natural stone, granite , mosaic, etc.

Innovative and professional formula designed to clean and descale all valuables surfaces on which you can not apply a traditional descaling acid. It contains a special enzyme that effectively removes limescale deposits, without damaging the high quality materials such as marble and natural stone. The natural derived surfactant, cleans the surfaces by easily removes limescale, dirt, soap and grease. With a single application, it cleans, descales and prevents the formation of limescale. It protects also the surfaces by frequent and aggressive treatments.
It is suitable for marble, natural stone, ceramic, aluminum, ceramic hob, stainless steel, porcelain, ecc.

Spray a small quantity of product on the surface to be treated. Let the product acts a few seconds, rinse with a damp cloth or sponge.
For the hard soil,  let the product acts 5-7 minutes.