Dr.Neu Descaler and Water Softener for Steam Iron

Descaler and Water Softener for Steam Iron

The new innovative formula has been designed for a dual use: DESCALER to remove the limescale deposits, DEMINERALISING agent to soften the tap water for ironing.

Dr. Neu Descaler and water softener for steam iron is an ECO-SUSTAINABLE product. The new formula, thanks to its special active ingredient, effective at non-aggressive PH, acts directly on limescale in a natural way and it is safe for health and the environment.

The main feature of this product is that it can be used in two different ways, allowing to safe money, quantity of product and space.

As a DESCALER for periodic maintenance of the steam iron. It removes limescale deposits that obstruct the steam holes, compromising the regular operation of the appliance. It improves steam emission, as it keeps the pipes clean, keeping the appliance in full efficiency and enhancing its performance.

As a DEMINERALISING AGENT, it allows to soften the tap water and to use it for ironing.

It is suitable for all types of iron and all types of water hardness.

It does not damage plastic or metal parts, and does not leaves residue on garments.

Descaler: take a 10 ml vial, shake it and pour the contents inside the tank / boiler.
Add 1 liter of tap water.
Start the steam for 30 seconds and leave to act for at least 15 minutes. For the strong incrustations, leave to act for minimum 1 hour. Longer action times increase the effectiveness of the product.
Start the steam until the water runs out.
Fill the tank with fresh water and start the steam again until water runs out.
If necessary, repeat the rinsing operation until the steam is clean of dirt and limescale residues.

Demineralising agent: use any clean container available at home, like a bottle.
Dilute the contents of the vial based to the water quantity:

1 vial in 2 liters / 2.5 liters of water

2 vials in 5 liters of water

Leave the product to act for at least 10 minutes. Longer action times, increase the effectiveness of the product. At this point the water is ready and it is possible to proceed with ironing.

WARNING: we recommend, before starting to iron, to let some steam come out on a separate cloth to make sure that no residues of dirt that could stain the clothes come out.