Dr.Neu Descaler for coffee machines and kettles

Descaler for Coffee Machines and Kettles

The new innovative formula has been designed to eliminate limescale from coffee machines and kettles in a natural way. It is safe for health and the environment.

Dr. Neu Descaler for coffee machines and kettles is an ECO-SUSTAINABLE product. The new formula, thanks to its special active ingredient, effective in non-aggressive pH, allows to remove limescale deposits in a simple and safe way for health and the environment. It effectively acts through a natural biocatalyst that transforms and eliminate the limescale present in the water.

The 10 ml single dose vials allow the correct conservation and protection of the product and avoid unnecessary waste.

It is not an acid product and does not cause corrosion, preserving the plastic and metal parts.

It can be used on all coffee machines, manual, automatic, pods or capsules and kettles.

Take 1 vial of 10 ml, shake it and pour the contents into the tank of the coffee machine or the kettle.
Add warm tap water until to the max level.

Coffee machine: leave to act for at least 15 minutes. For strong incrustation, leave to act for about to 1 hour. Longer action times increase the effectiveness of the product.
Start the machine until descaling solution is ended.
Make the rinsing cycle: fill the tank with fresh water and start the machine until the end of water.
It is recommended to repeat the rinse cycle at least 2 times.

Kettle: leave to act for at least 30 minutes. Empty the kettle and rinse it 2 or 3 times with fresh water.

For correct maintenance of the appliance with Dr.Neu vials, it is recommended 1 treatment per month.

If available, follow the descaling procedure indicated in the instruction manual of the appliance.