B-Gent Detergente Anticalcare Bagno

B-GENT – Detergent+Anti-limescale for bathroom

B-GENT comes from our philosophy of eco-sustainability. Created for cleaning and descaling of all washable surfaces of the bathroom, B-Gent is a concentrated formula, in a reduced size, to be diluted with water. It is 100% eco-friendly, it is not acid and does not contain substances classified as dangerous.

B-GENT is effective thanks to the combined action of a special biocatalytic enzyme and natural derived surfactant that easily remove limescale, dirt and soap residues. It helps to prevent limescale and protects the treated surfaces leaving a pleasant fragrance.

It is suitable for all washable surfaces of the bathroom, such as toilets, tiles, porcelain, taps, shower stall, etc.
It is not acid, so it can also be used on the most valuable and delicate surfaces such as marble and natural stones.

The particular concentrated formula of B-Gent is designed to be effective already in small doses, with minimal environmental impact.

B-GENT is a concentrated product to be diluted with tap water. The aim is to reduce the size of the packs and the content in favour of a lower environmental impact, also allowing the recycling of domestic containers.

It’s easy to prepare:

– Pour B-GENT (150 ml) into any clean bottle equipped with a nebulizer.
– Refill the B-GENT container with water (150 ml) and pour into the vial.
– Close with the nebulizer and shake.
– You get a ready-to-use product of 300 ml.
– To recognize the product and always have available the instructions for use, it is important to remove the right side of the B-GENT label and apply it to the prepared bottle.

It’s simple to use:

– Shake the bottle before use and spray on the surface to be treated.
– Leave to act for a few seconds.
– Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge and rinse well to remove all residues. For the hard soil leave to act a few minutes before rinsing.