Why we’re so blase about global warming.

This is a nice review of several polls, indicate the public attention to global warming (#globalwarming is one go the most common has tag) is “cooling”. At the same time Firms appear to be worried of its consequences.

Polls target the reason of this lowered interest in the fact short term of global warming and short  term of our attitude are not ready perceived by Public.

This Public approach might be weird, but it is quite common nowadays. Public si going to walk on a pathway where the sort term future ( the-day-after event) is more interesting than what might happen to future generation. It is likely that this second type of future might not be seen by all of us,  but it respond to the principle of “what we will leave to the next generations and to our sons”.

Maybe this is the simple reason of the “cooling”: a short term view and the idea we are doing well, so no need to “do it better” on a daily base.

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30 August 2014Categories: Domestic ecology lessons News