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Yes and no about washing machine

About 2 billion people own a washing machine today. Try to imagine your life without a washing machine: pile of dirty garments to be handily washed, hard work and a lot of time needed. Nevertheless, about the 70% of women around the world live in this situation, without a washing machine.

What’s the dreamo of milion of women? THE WASHING MACHINE.

That’s surprising, isn’t it!?! We were also astonished when we have read this news, but it seems to be true that washing machine is a top dream of 4 billion of women around the world.
These women don’t still own it while we consider the washing machine a commodity, something that is impossible to live without.
Sometimes we forget that the world is bigger than we imagine. In this great world, a lot of people live in dramatic condition, far beyond what we normally think.
And think when we regret about push a button to start the washing machine. This button is magic when pushed by a person that do not consider the Machine a commodity.
Hans Rosling describe in a wonderful way ( the global economy of the Washing Machine during a TED Conference. It is a magic world because it saves time and hard work.

Hans forecast draft a world in which the growth of population and economy will drive over 4 billion people to own a Washing Machine.
The direct consequence of this phenomenon will be, on one hand, an increase of the life style level of many poor people, but on the other hand it will dramatically increase energy consumption on global level.

Increased pollution will follow up because of substitution of traditional soap with higher detergent consumption. What can we do to not be overwhelmed by detergent and energy consumption? We do believe it’s needed to focus on green energy and to green products to reduce the use of chemicals and energy to low pollution.

The aim of dr. Neu is to reduce as low as possible the amount of dangerous chemicals we need and at the same time reduce of the 30 % the energy consumption by cleaning our appliance from limescale.
Information and awareness probably do not make the world turn, but they will help a lot of people to live in a better environment.

10 June 2013Categories: News