When Green is fashion

Today Green is fashion !! It’s common to think that It is enough some green colour on packaging or a “ad hoc” green label to be considered as sustainable. Many researches has stated that consumers are paying more attention to environment and social values. Thereafter it’s common to target this new mood with appropriate, but no always fully true, marketing campaign.

Learn how to protect ourselves from Greenwashing.

We are pleased to introduce the Greenwashing.
The Greenwashing is the concept to promote a green approach of the product, without supporting this claim with real facts. The greenwashing is exploited by many actors, with the solely goal to diverse the attention from the real feature of products. American Institute “Ecolabel Index” has conducted a research on Greenwashing: this research has shown that 349 different “green label”, certificate, or other claim exist on the market, applied to consumer products.
This is a quite mess and it’s hard for people to distinguish between “good” and “bad” products.
Every day we are exposed to nice and targeting commercial; many times these concepts are not so clear and person might be confused by them. Persons choose “green products” but many times it’s not transparent if the products is a eco-friendly one or not. NGO TerraChoice has demonstrate that more than 10% of claim refer to eco-friendly claim.

In this situation, it is normal that consumers start to be suspicious.
On one hand we are becoming more sensitive to environmental side of products, but on the other hand people are paying more attention to what it is true and what it not. Awareness is increasing when we pick up a “green” product from the shelf.
Therefore people are more severe towards those Company and products that claim sustainability and environmental friendship. This severity and sometimes suspects apply also to those Company and products that really make all their efforts to place on the market a sustainable product.

Hence it is fundamental being informed, understand when our “green willingness” is deviate and it brings us to choose products that support the “greenwashing”.
In the USA the problem is well known since many years ago and the USA Authorities are constrain the rule-set about eco- and bio- products. Stop to “eco-friendly” label on detergent, cosmetics, without a proper scientific support or a real industrial evidence. Stop to “bio-degradable” without specifying the exact percentage of surfactants degradation in the environment. The common point of view is that the period when everything could be claimed is ending.
Many other Countries are following the USA example. Those Country are implementing their set of rules to prevent the “greenwashing”.

Dear friends, be critic, read careful and star to to look for sustainable products that really support and defend the environment. Do not stop to the packaging look, go inside the product, read the composition and the label. If you are not satisfy, ask to the manufacturer. Then make your appropriate choice. Transparency is the unique challenge to be reliable as Company.

10 June 2013Categories: News