Trio Coffee Kit

Trio Coffee Kit

Trio coffee kit is an innovative kit of products aimed at maintaining the best conditions of cleanliness and hygiene in both espresso and American coffee machines. Water with a low lime content and a clean machine are the two most important factors for the best results in preparing coffee.
Oxigent - Detergente ossigeno attivo1x
OXIGENT 2 – Active oxygen detergent
Powder product based on active oxygen, designed for periodic cleaning and hygiene of the coffee machine. To have a clean...
Softballs - Sfere anticalcare macchina caffè1x
SOFTBALLS 1 – Water softener system for coffee machines
With SOFTBALLS 1, the coffee is better! It is a patented innovative device for water softening and the prevention of...
Decalk Decalcificante macchina caffè1x
DECALK 3 – Descaler for coffee machine
DECALK 3 is a liquid professional formula designed to easily remove limescale deposits that build up inside coffee machine, that...